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At Integrity Solutions and Consulting LLC, we understand the challenges of everyday life and the toll it can take on our well-being. That’s why our team has created a safe and nurturing virtual environment, providing you with a much-needed escape from life’s stressors and guiding you toward healing.

Whether you’re seeking support for anxiety, depression, relationships, or personal growth, our team is dedicated to being with you every step of the way on your journey of self-discovery. We focus on providing tailored care for adults, ensuring that you receive the attention and support you deserve to lead an authentic and intentional life.

At Integrity Solutions and Consulting LLC, we utilize a range of therapeutic approaches, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, emotion-focused therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, narrative therapy, and others. We have experienced life’s hardships ourselves, which allows us to truly empathize and listen to your story.

So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are looking forward to hearing from you and walking side by side with you on your path to healing and growth.


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Empowering You to Find Inner Strength and Live a Fulfilling Life

Welcome to my site! I am grateful that you have stopped by. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist providing virtual services in Georgia, I am devoted to fostering positive change in the lives of those I serve. My interest in therapy began after I had the opportunity to listen to the powerful stories shared by my peers during a Family Therapy class at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in my last semester of undergrad. These heartfelt stories motivated me to enroll in graduate school at Mercer for Family Therapy.

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Decades of Experience in Delivering Exceptional Results

With over 10 years of collective experience, our team has consistently delivered exceptional results to our clients. We have honed our expertise, mastered our craft, and developed proven strategies that bring about meaningful and lasting change. Trust us to guide you on your journey toward personal growth and transformation.


To find out how we can help, call (678) 744-4124 for your free 15 minute consultation.

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Aetna, Anthem, BCBS, Cigna, Cigna EAP, Evernorth, Humana, Optum, Optum EAP, Oscar, UHC, UHC EAP

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